Mova Globes

Mova Globes

Mova Globe cut open reveals powerful magnet. Why? Its ingenious purpose.

MARS (4.5D.) - Rare Earth Gallery

Blue Political Map Rotating World Globe

MOVA® Rotating Globes

Seafoam Green Cassini Terrestrial MOVA Globe – Montana Gift Corral

Titan Moon Globe - Saturn's Largest Moon Decor

4.5in Mars Mova Globe – Gunderson's Jewelers

Moon Mova Globe - Angel's Garden

Mova Globe Earth with Clouds – OTM-Online

MOVA Globes, where art and science unite to create enchanting, self-rotating works of wonder. Our meticulously crafted globes harness the power of

Mova 4.5 Antique Globe With Acrylic Base

Mova Globes 6 – Science Store

The MOVA Earth View with Cloud Cover Globe combines modern technology with earth view imagery. MOVA globes are great for home, office and gifting.

MOVA Earth View with Cloud Cover Globe

Mova - Spinning Globe - Jupiter

Saturn MOVA Globe - Ambient Light Powered Spinning Planet Decor